• Why We Need to Stop Shaming Our Kids About Biting Their Nails

    13 days ago - By Scary Mommy

    As parents, we want the best for our children. Which is why when we see them doing something harmful to themselves, we do everything we can to help steer them on the right path.
    If you have a nail biting or picking kid it can be both aggravating and distressing. Not only because they are hurting themselves, but also because watching them gnaw on their fingers is, well... annoying.
    Which is also why we try soooo hard to get them to stop.
    Now, if you are reading this, I am going to assume that you have tried your best to get your child to reform their habit - and failed. And you just cannot...
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  • I Was Diagnosed With Scoliosis As A Kid - Here's What Parents Need To Know

    I Was Diagnosed With Scoliosis As A Kid - Here's What Parents Need To Know

    13 days ago - By Scary Mommy

    Scoliosis. For many, it's a scary word. Why? Because the first time most parents and children hear it is in a medical setting. I was diagnosed with scoliosis in 1997, when my cardiologist noticed a curve in my neck - the first of two curves an orthopedist would find. But what is scoliosis, and more specifically, how does it affect teens and adolescents?
    Here's everything parents need to know about this common medical condition.
    What is scoliosis?
    Scoliosis is a common medical condition, one which affects millions each year. According to Kids Health , patients with scoliosis have a...
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