• A comparison of the wound healing process after application of three dermal substitutes with or without basic fibroblast growth factor impregnation in diabetic mice

    One year ago - By Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

    Pelnac Gplus®, Integra® and Terudermis® are approved artificial dermis products in Japan. Previously, we proved that Pelnac Gplus® was able to sustain basic fibroblast growth factor and accelerated wound healing by releasing impregnated bFGF. In this study, we impregnated Pelnac Gplus®, Integra® and Terudermis® with bFGF and compared the binding activity and wound healing process. We applied bFGF to each material and compared the bFGF concentrations in the surrounding area after 24-h incubation.
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