• Bosnia: Officials, firm owner arrested over ventilator deal

    One year ago - By ABC News

    Bosnian authorities have detained two high-ranking state officials and the owner of a private company which imported 100 ventilators from China that were found to be useless for COVID-19 patients
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  • Top in GI: COVID-19 and IBD, dose optimization in Crohn's

    One year ago - By Healio

    New data from the SECURE-IBD registry suggest that steroids - not anti-TNF therapy - increase the risk for severe COVID-19 among patients with inflammatory bowel disease. It was the top story in gastroenterology last week.
    Another top story was about a testing strategy that helped identify patients with Crohn's disease who would benefit from dose escalation.
    Read these and more top stories in gastroenterology below:
    Q&A: Steroids increase risk for severe COVID-19 infection in IBD
    For patients with inflammatory bowel disease , risk factors associated with severe COVID-19
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  • Fans left staring at blank screen as Kayo crashes on NRL's return

    One year ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    Foxtel's streaming service Kayo Sports left fans frustrated with many unable to view the first pay-TV game of the NRL since the COVID-19 pandemic shut the season down in March.
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  • Patterns of Adult and Paediatric Hand Trauma During the COVID-19 Lockdown

    One year ago - By Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

    The first reported cases of the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 emerged from Wuhan, the capital of Hubei province in December 2019. At the time of writing, there have been 201,101 laboratory confirmed cases in the United Kingdom , with 30,076 associated deaths. The UK response on the 23rd March 2020 was to impose a nationwide lockdown to prevent the transmission and spread of the virus. This involved the closure of all non-essential businesses, schools and nurseries, strict limitations on non-essential travel, one-hour limit on outdoor exercise, and the concept of social distancing.
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  • Can Vitamin D Protect Us from COVID-19?

    Can Vitamin D Protect Us from COVID-19?

    One year ago - By Raise Healthy Eaters

    I was at a physical and asked my doctor if vitamin D could be added to my labs. “There's no evidence it's helpful,” the doctor said. I wasn't up for debate and simply told her I take vitamin D and like to know my levels. In fact, every year I like to check to see how if the amount I'm taking is enough to keep my levels above 30ng/ml. She reluctantly agreed. I never went back to see this doctor and I still get my vitamin D levels checked. When hearing about the link between Covid-19 and vitamin D, I was intrigued. Everything I've ever read taught me that vitamin D plays a key role in the...
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  • NHS Seacole: Covid-19 rehab centre takes first patients

    One year ago - By BBC

    Covid-19 survivors can require heart, lung and muscle therapy, or psychological and social care.
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