• Development and Pilot Testing a Self-Reported Pediatric PROMIS App for Young Children Aged 5-7 Years

    One year ago - By Journal of Pediatric Nursing

    The aims of this study are threefold. Firstly, Using the state of science PROMIS (Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System) methods to develop a smartphone application to monitor the emotional distress for young children aged 5-7 years old; Secondly, to test the usability of this application; and thirdly, to determine the level of agreement between reports by parents and young children's self-report.
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  • The US Paid Millions for Test Tubes - and Got Unusable Soda Bottles

    One year ago - By Medscape

    The plastic tubes supplied for coronavirus testing by Fillakit, a first-time federal contractor with a sketchy owner, don't even fit the racks used to analyze samples. And they may be contaminated anyway.
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  • First Rapid Home-Use HIV Kit Approved for Self-Testing

    One year ago - By NCCIH

    FDA has approved the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test, a rapid home-use HIV test kit that enables users to collect fluid samples and get the test results themselves in 20-40 minutes. The goal is for a greater number of people at risk for HIV to be tested, by increasing accessibility to rapid in-home tests that assure anonymity.
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