• Key Molecular Machine in Cells Pictured in Detail for the First Time

    One year ago - By UNC Healthcare

    Histone mRNA-cleaving machine, crucial for healthy cell division, yields up its secrets after almost half a century of research. Zbigniew Dominski, PhD, and William Marzluff, PhD, led this effort at the UNC School of Medicine, along with key collaborators at Columbia University and Rockefeller University.
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  • Key molecular machine in cells pictured in detail for the first time

    One year ago - By ScienceDaily

    Scientists used biochemical experiments and cryo-electron microscopy to determine the atomic structure of a complex assembly of molecules known as the histone mRNA three-prime end-processing machine. This machine plays a fundamental role in proper activity and duplication of the cell genome and when defective, it may lead to human diseases, including cancers.
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