• It's True: Alcohol Helps You Speak a Foreign Language Better

    One year ago - By Time

    Those who dabble in learning a new language sometimes find that alcohol - in moderation - helps them speak more fluently. In a way, that makes sense: It's been shown that a beer or a glass of wine can lower inhibitions, which may make it easier for some people to overcome nervousness or hesitation.
    But on the other hand, alcohol has also been shown to impair cognitive and motor functions, negatively affect memory and attention, and lead to overconfidence and inflated self-evaluations. So do people really speak non-native languages better after drinking, or is that just their liquid courage...
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  • Booze Might Make You Better at Foreign Languages

    Booze Might Make You Better at Foreign Languages

    One year ago - By Mens health

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    Alcohol won't magically make you bilingual, but it may help you speak a language you've already studied
    You probably know a guy-or maybe you are that guy-who swears he can speak another language when he's drunk. Bizarre as it sounds, he might actually be telling the truth.
    Ok, sure-getting wasted isn't going to make you bilingual. But a recent study published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology found that imbibing alcohol does actually improve most people's communication skills in a foreign language they had recently learned.
    The study looked at 50 native German...
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