• How to Prevent Meltdowns and Create Peace in Your Family

    28 days ago - By Healthy Child

    In this blog series you learned the potential emotional and physical causes of children's intense meltdowns. You discovered what happens in the brain during these highly emotional outbursts, and you learned how to be present with your children during their worst tantrums.
    At this point you may be totally at your wits' end wondering how you will ever be able to change what's happening. You might still be experiencing power struggles and difficulties, even after doing the steps to help your child through the meltdowns.
    Take a deep breath. You'll find the answers you need.
    What matters most...
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  • 4 Steps to Help Your Kids through their Worst Meltdowns

    4 Steps to Help Your Kids through their Worst Meltdowns

    28 days ago - By Healthy Child

    We've all been there...
    You're tired and stressed and your child begins to have an intense meltdown.
    You think you know what to do until you're caught in the highly charged frenzy of your child's tantrum and find yourself reacting...what do you do now?
    If you're like most parents, your immediate reaction is to want to make it stop.
    When your child is kicking and screaming, especially if he is yelling hateful words or violently throwing things at you or even hitting you - of course you will naturally get triggered by this.
    It can trigger your parental impulse to discipline. It's also likely...
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  • Underlying Physical Imbalances May Cause Aggressive Meltdowns

    Underlying Physical Imbalances May Cause Aggressive Meltdowns

    28 days ago - By Healthy Child

    Did you know that aggressive behavior and frequent meltdowns can be the result of physical imbalances in the body and brain? The possible underlying physical causes of intense behavior might surprise you.
    These imbalances can be complex and difficult to detect and can certainly affect your child's brain development and behavior - in both subtle and serious ways.
    Each child is unique, and you'll need to put on your detective cap and look for clues and triggers to determine what might be going on.
    Here are some of the issues to consider:
    intestinal dysbiosis and gastrointestinal problems...
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  • What's Causing Your Child's Meltdowns?

    What's Causing Your Child's Meltdowns?

    28 days ago - By Healthy Child

    Does it feel like you're in a constant battle with your child? Are you dealing with frequent emotional outbursts - intense meltdowns, defiance, explosive anger, or aggression?
    Sure, all kids have tantrums. But does it seem like your child's meltdowns are intense and extreme?
    Maybe you've been told your child has ADHD or ODD or a mood or behavior disorder - or you might be wondering if the behavior fits one of these disorders.
    If you've tried everything to help your child and nothing consistently works, you're not alone. Many parents are experiencing the same thing and are feeling...
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