• Scleral tunnel ‘glued' fixation technique for slipped IOLs

    6 monthes ago - By Modern Medicine

    Reviewed by Sumit Garg, MD
    Scleral tunnel, “glued” fixation technique works better than alternative fixation techniques in cases where intraocular lenses cannot be placed in capsular bag or in the sulcus, according to Sumit Garg, MD.
    “It's easier than suture fixation because you don't have to deal with the spaghetti of the sutures and it will turn out to be more stable long-term,” said Dr. Garg, associate professor of ophthalmology, University of California, Irvine.
    Externalized haptics.
    Popularized by Amar Agarwal, FRCOphth, Chennai, India, scleral tunnel fixation avoids the problem of...
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