• Lack of game time behind Tim Cahill's Melbourne City exit

    One year ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    ​Tim Cahill admits he saw the writing on the wall at Melbourne City that he wasn't going to get the minutes he needs to fuel his push for a fourth World Cup appearance.
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  • City Kids Need Time In Nature Too, But They Aren't Getting Enough Of It

    One year ago - By Scary Mommy

    We all know that it's good for kids to get out into nature. People pen popular books like Last Child in the Woods about the need to get more kids out into the wilderness; several major companies have joined the “ natural playground ” movement with “mountains, slides, rock climbs, gardens, sand pits, orchards, climbing walls, streams, caves, labyrinths, and other natural features that help children discover and learn about nature while they play.” Sites rhapsodize about how playing in dirt boosts the immune system. We're told that we should be focusing
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