• Have scientists found a cure for the common cold? Researchers identify vital protein virus needs

    8 monthes ago - By Daily Mail

    Researchers have identified a vital protein in cells which the cold virus needs in order to reproduce. By stopping humans producing this protein, they can stop the cells from replicating.
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  • Stopping cold viruses dead by blocking replication

    Stopping cold viruses dead by blocking replication

    8 monthes ago - By News Medical

    The common cold virus (and its more deadly cousins, the viruses that cause polio and acute flaccid myelitis) may just have met its nemesis. In a recent study published in the journal Nature Microbiology on September 16, 2019, scientists reported a potentially successful new approach to stop cold viruses from replicating inside human cells - by blocking the formation of a protein that is vital to this process.
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