• Researchers Use First-of-Its-Kind Approach to Design Nanomedicines that Effectively Target Cancer with Decreased Toxicity

    One year ago - By BWH

    Brigham and Women's Hospital is the first to report a new approach that integrates rational drug design with supramolecular nanochemistry in cancer treatment.
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  • Tracing cell death pathway points to drug targets for brain damage, kidney injury, asthma

    One year ago - By ScienceDaily

    Scientists are unlocking the complexities of a recently discovered cell death process that plays a key role in health and disease, and new findings link their discovery to asthma, kidney injury and brain trauma. The results are the early steps toward drug development that could transform emergency and critical care treatment.
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  • Highly specific indications dominate cancer drug pipeline

    One year ago - By Managed Healthcare Executive

    Cancer drug development is increasingly targeted at very specific patient subpopulations, with a focus on targeting specific tumor gene mutations and molecular pathways, according to a presenter at the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy 2017 Nexus.
    Antineoplastic agents represent a growing proportion of specialty drug spending, said Edward Li, PharmD, MPH, BCOP, a professor at the University of New England College of Pharmacy in Portland, Maine, during his October 17 session.
    Li reviewed the evidence base for three key cancer therapies likely to be FDA approved in the coming year that could...
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  • New Bowel Cancer Drug Target Discovered

    New Bowel Cancer Drug Target Discovered

    One year ago - By Medindia Health

    Exclusively targeting Wnt signalling in tumour cells reduces growth of tumours derived from colon cancer cells without the toxic effects on healthy cells.
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