• No escaping the perils of humanity: Flu virus can also spread through breathing and speaking

    One year ago - By National Post

    There's a new reason to fear human interaction this winter as scientists find the flu virus easily spreads just from breathing, without the need for coughing or sneezing to transmit contagious elements.
    Meaning there is far less you can do to protect yourself from sick colleagues, friends and family other than keeping your distance. The trick is, according to this study 's findings, steering clear of infected people in the early days of their illness, before some feel sick enough to remain at home or in bed.
    The common belief the influenza virus is transmitted only through droplets...
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  • Flu May Be Spread By Just Breathing

    Flu May Be Spread By Just Breathing

    One year ago - By Web MD

    But the new study finds coughs and sneezes may not be necessary to saturate the air with flu virus.
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  • Flu may pass to others through exhaled breath, study shows

    One year ago - By News Medical

    It is easier to spread the influenza virus than previously thought, according to a new University of Maryland-led study released today.
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  • Just Breathing May Be Enough to Spread the Flu, Study Says

    One year ago - By Time

    For years, you've been told to cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze, especially when you're sick. But a new study finds that it may be possible to spread the flu just by breathing-no coughing or sneezing required.
    “People shed a lot of virus all the time, even when they don't cough,” says Donald Milton, author of the study published in PNAS and a professor of environmental health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health. “As a result, it's important to realize you can be infectious at any time.”
    During the 2012-2013 flu season, Milton and his colleagues studied 142...
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