• Breast Implants Abroad with Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus

    15 days ago - By Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus

    Breast Implant surgery abroad is becoming increasingly more popular, often referred to as a ‘boob job', breast augmentation or breast enlargement abroad, as patients realise that they can have access to the best surgeon in Europe with our plastic surgeon Dr Bugra, at a fraction of the cost they will pay in UK.
    Dr Bugra has been practising plastic surgery in excess of 25 years and has a legion of satisfied patients who are all happy to share their experience of having breast implants abroad with Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus. Indeed after their breast implants abroad patients often return for...
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    15 days ago - By Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus

    Why would you consider having your breast reduction surgery abroad
    If you have large breasts that maybe the cause of neck pain, back pain, or perhaps your breasts other physical symptoms, you may be considering breast reduction surgery. Also, if the size of your breasts are lowering your confidence and self-esteem you may wish to correct this by having breast reduction surgery abroad.
    At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus, we perform breast reduction surgery on both women and men who may be suffering from gynaecomastia (in which male breasts are abnormally enlarged).
    What to expect from your breast...
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  • Is it cheaper to go to Cyprus for breast surgery abroad?

    Is it cheaper to go to Cyprus for breast surgery abroad?

    15 days ago - By Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus

    The simple answer to this often-asked question is yes, it is much cheaper to have breast surgery abroad. There are many countries offering breast surgery procedures, prices do very significantly, and not all countries represent good value for money. It is important to take account of not only the price of the surgery but the standard of facilities being offered, the quality of the after care and most importantly the skill and experience of the cosmetic surgeon.
    Is Cyprus a good place for my breast surgery abroad
    In recent years Cyprus has been growing in popularity as a destination for...
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