• Kim's Amazing Booty Transformation Proves Weightlifting Beats Cardio

    11 monthes ago - By PopSugar

    A post shared by K I M F R E N C H 🇬🇧 on Oct 12, 2017 at 3:20am PDT
    There are probably many of you who can relate to these before-and-after photos of Kim French, a fitness personality on Instagram with nearly 25,000 followers. In one of her recent posts, she wrote about how she was once "training to be skinny vs. training to be strong ." In order to lose weight, Kim, like many of us, made the mistake of "undereating and constantly doing cardio."
    Kim did this for six months, and she did lose weight, but she also experienced the following:
    "I was ' skinny fat ' and hated my body.
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