• Survey finds people still taking food safety risks to save money

    1 month ago - By Food Safety

    People's dangerous food safety behaviors related to reducing energy bills and saving money have stayed largely the same as the previous month, according to a survey.
    The Food Standards Agency Consumer Insights Tracker found 15 percent of participants turned off a fridge and/or freezer containing food in December compared to 13 percent in November.
    People were asked about steps they had taken at least once in the past month to reduce energy bills and save money.
    Overall, 23 percent of participants changed settings on their fridge or freezer so that food was kept at a warmer temperature...
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  • The TikTok 100-envelope money saving hack taking over the internet

    1 month ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    A 100-envelope money saving hack is taking over TikTok but experts claim there are better ways to save.
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