• Predictive validity of the Infant Toddler Checklist in primary care at the 18-month visit and school readiness at 4 to 6 years

    11 days ago - By Academic Pediatrics

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends developmental surveillance and screening in early childhood in primary care. The 18-month visit may be an ideal time for identification of children with delays in language and communication, or symptoms of autism spectrum disorder. Little is known about the predictive validity of developmental screening tools administered at 18 months. Our objective was to examine the predictive validity of the Infant Toddler Checklist at the 18-month health supervision visit, using school readiness at kindergarten age as the criterion measure.
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  • Evaluating the Practice of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners: Is It Time for Dual Primary and Acute Care Preparation?

    11 days ago - By Journal of Pediatric Health Care

    Pediatric nurse practitioners have been an integral part of the health care team for over 50 years. The pediatric health care landscape has been changing, with shorter hospital stays, increased needs for complex chronic health management, and inadequate access to pediatric specialists (Basco, Rimsza, Committee on Pediatric Workforce, & American Academy of Pediatrics, 2013; Bucholz, Toomey, & Schuster, 2019). These changing circumstances require an adaptable PNP workforce to practice in various settings and with patients of varying acuity.
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