• Moderate physical activity may prevent fractures for middle-aged adults

    4 days ago - By Healio

    Even moderate levels of leisure-time physical activity in middle age are associated with lower risk for fractures, according to study data published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research.
    In a prospective, population-based analysis, researchers also found that heavy work, living alone, smoking, and no or high alcohol consumption increase the risk for fracture among middle-aged men and women.
    “Aside from the much-focused-on bone health, lifestyle choices and psychosocial factors play a role for the risk for sustaining a fracture,” Cecilia Rogmark, MD, PhD, associate professor
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  • Periodontal disease increases risk of major cardiovascular events

    4 days ago - By ScienceDaily

    People with periodontitis are at higher risk of experiencing major cardiovascular events, according to new research.
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  • Moderate, high rheumatic disease activity linked to higher risk for COVID-related death

    5 days ago - By Healio

    Moderate and high disease activity, as well as the use of immunosuppressants, were associated with a higher risk for COVID-related death in patients with rheumatic diseases, according to data in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.
    The researchers noted that, although the use of most disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs were not linked to higher risk of death from COVID-19, there were “notable exceptions” with rituximab and sulfasalazine.
    “As in the general population, older age, male sex, cardiovascular and chronic lung disease were associated with COVID-19 related death,”
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