• Private equity 'barbarian' KKR spends big and fast to avoid mistakes of 2008 crisis

    1 month ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    KKR has spent $18.3b acquiring targets since the COVID-19 crisis started, more than three of its rivals combined, as it pursues a strategy of investing through the downturn.
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  • Study looks at delirium in critically ill COVID-19 patients

    1 month ago - By News Medical

    A new study published on the online preprint server medRxiv in May 2020 reports on the high incidence of delirium in COVID-19 patients in intensive care. This highlights the urgent need to predict, prevent, and manage delirium and to cut it short in patients with COVID-19.
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  • COVID-19 fattens wallets as Australians embark on saving spree in lockdown

    1 month ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    Analysis of savings account data from the end of March to mid-May found that median balances were up 45 per cent from the pre-COVID period and up 56 per cent year-on-year.
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  • Dr MICHAEL MOSLEY explains why losing weight could be a life-saver

    Dr MICHAEL MOSLEY explains why losing weight could be a life-saver

    1 month ago - By Daily Mail

    As we have seen on the news, the Covid-19 virus is very selective about who it kills. Most people, particularly the young, shake it off. But others become extremely ill.
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  • Top endocrinology news in May: COVID-19, weight loss strategies, work hours and thyroid

    1 month ago - By Healio

    In May, Healio readers were interested in sex hormones being investigated for treating COVID-19, greater COVID-19 complications for patients with diabetes and obesity, associations between thyroid dysfunction and working hours, and more.
    Study investigates estrogen patch use to lessen COVID-19 complications
    As researchers continue to assess complications of COVID-19, one striking difference has become clear - men who contract the novel coronavirus are more likely to be intubated or die compared with women. READ
    Study examines progesterone to reduce inflammation in COVID-19
    Of the many
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