• The best of the ProBlogger Top 5 lists

    6 monthes ago - By Fitness Tips for Life

    As I mentioned yesterday there is a blog writing contest, well kind of a contest going on where people are writing articles on their top 5... whatever they want. I have included this list from that list to let you peruse other articles, mostly fitness, that I liked.
    Here is the home page for darrens blog writing project
    Top 5 - Group Writing Project Day 2
    Great basics on staying or keeping in shape - with a great looking picture 5 Back-to-Basics Strategies For Renewing Your Energy at Ririan Project
    Of course as a home beer brewer I had to add a page on beer making that I found in the list...
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  • More top 5 fitness lists

    More top 5 fitness lists

    6 monthes ago - By Fitness Tips for Life

    Here is a few more good Top 5 type articles from Top 5 - Group Writing Project Day 4 that I took part in a few days ago. Hope you enjoy them!
    One writers reasons why Gluten free is the way to be
    Gluten Free Mommy » Top Five Reasons I Look Great on a Gluten Free Diet
    How to make real change
    Want To Make Real Change? Stop Making These 5 Mistakes
    Top ways to get fit...one of many I might add.
    Top 5 Ways to Get Fit!
    Simple and beginning meditations
    The Easiest Meditations - Spirituality Applied to Life - Balanced Life Center
    Myths about self help - with reference to “The Secret”
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