• Remdesivir for COVID-19: FDA approved but still unproven

    27 days ago - By ScienceDaily

    In a review of evidence from the most reliable data from randomized trials to find likely small-to-moderate effects of remdesivir, researchers say that totality of evidence compiled before the WHO trial results justifies compassionate use of remdesivir for severely ill patients. A smaller trial in China showed significantly decreased mean recovery time but no suggestion of a mortality benefit. ACTT-1 found the same mean recovery time and a suggestion of a mortality benefit that didn't achieve statistical significance.
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  • Add Skin Conditions to COVID-19 Long-Hauler Effects

    Add Skin Conditions to COVID-19 Long-Hauler Effects

    27 days ago - By MedPageToday

    Benign but potentially painful skin conditions may persist for months in some patients with COVID-19, preliminary data from an international registry suggested.
    About 5% of patients with pernio, or chilblains, had "long-hauler...
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