• E-cigs Deliver Appalling Amounts of Heavy Metals

    One year ago - By Mercola

    By Dr. Mercola
    While the gradual demise of traditional cigarettes has been heralded as an achievement for better health, the dangers of the alternative many have chosen may be just as alarming. If you smoke e-cigarettes , it is important to know researchers have demonstrated you may be exposing yourself to dangerous chemicals and heavy metals with each puff.
    It is currently believed that e-cigs do not expose you to the thousands of toxic compounds the average conventional combustion cigarette contains, but researchers are only beginning to understand the toxicities involved in smoking...
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  • Electronic Cigarettes Like IQOS may Cause Health Issues

    Electronic Cigarettes Like IQOS may Cause Health Issues

    One year ago - By Medindia Health

    'Heat not burn' smokeless tobacco products like IQOS which are marketed as an alternative for conventional cigarettes, may not be as harm free as its manufacturer claims.
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