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Got a Backyard Pool? Add Aqua Jogging to Your Cardio Routine

Posted On: Jun 3, 2020   |   Posted By: PopSugar

Got a Backyard Pool? Add Aqua Jogging to Your Cardio Routine

Besides serving up respite from sweltering temperatures, a backyard pool offers refreshing cardio alternatives to that muggy mid-afternoon jog.
The most obvious opportunity is simply swimming from side-to-side, but not all backyard pools are shaped well for a solid lap swimming workout .
That's why we suggest giving aqua jogging your full attention.
"Aqua jogging is a safe and total-body workout for anyone looking to strengthen their entire body, post pregnancy or surgery, if you're new to exercise, or if you just want to have fun while working out!" Jenni Lynn , AEA aquatic specialist and creator of S'WET, says.
If simply cooling off on a hot summer day isn't enough motivation to jump on in and jog it out, maybe the workout's expansive list of physical and mental benefits will be.
Jenni Lynn says that aqua jogging can increase cardiovascular endurance, improve agility, strengthen core muscles, aid in weight loss and weight management, decrease stress, increase flexibility and range of...

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