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How to Conquer Push-Ups Without Lower-Back Pain

Posted On: Jun 1, 2020   |   Posted By: PopSugar

How to Conquer Push-Ups Without Lower-Back Pain

Let's hear it for push-ups - they're an amazing tool for sculpting triceps, they don't require a single piece of equipment, and after a few sets, you will definitely feel that glorious burn.
But throw lower-back pain into the mix, and push-ups are just plain brutal.
If you're healthy and experiencing lower-back pain during push-ups, it might be time to check in on your form.
According to Rebecca Fox , an ACE-certified personal trainer on Find Your Trainer , poor core engagement during the movement could be to blame for your discomfort. It's actually one of the most common pain-causing mistakes made while performing push-ups.
"Poor core engagement results in the arching of your lower back during the push-up movement," Fox explained. "This puts an enormous amount of pressure on your lower back and can cause pain."
Your core and glute muscles are meant to protect your lower back during the movement. When those muscles are weak or not activated, your lower back then takes on the work.
"I like to envision your...

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