• COVID-19 may cause more preterm births, perinatal deaths in unvaccinated pregnant women

    11 days ago - By Healio

    Women who have COVID-19 later in their pregnancy are more likely to have complications than women who get the disease earlier in their pregnancy or not have it at all, according to a study published in Nature Medicine.
    Preterm births, stillbirths and newborn deaths were more common among women with the virus 28 days or earlier before their delivery date, the researchers said. Most complications occurred in unvaccinated women.
    “Our data add to the evidence that vaccination in pregnancy does not increase the risk of complications in pregnancy, but COVID-19 does,” author Sarah Stock,
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  • South Africa Still Seeing Serious COVID-19 in Unvaccinated

    South Africa Still Seeing Serious COVID-19 in Unvaccinated

    11 days ago - By Medscape

    A South African pulmonologist said on Thursday that she was still seeing serious COVID-19 disease in people who are unvaccinated or have comorbidities during an infection wave driven by the Omicron variant.
    Reuters Health Information
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