• My Newborns Are In The NICU, And I Can't Stop Crying

    9 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    Dear precious baby,
    You're here. It's too early, too soon. I didn't get to feel you grow for long enough. You didn't get to grow for long enough.
    You're small. I'm afraid. I think you're beautiful but also that you don't look like a baby should. There aren't any chunky cheeks or thigh rolls.
    You don't even cry.
    I want to hold you. Make you feel warm and safe. Let you know I'm sorry you're out here already. Everything the doctors do to save you kills me. The pokes, the prods, the discomfort. I'm sorry. I can't hold you. I hold your hand and hope it's enough.
    I fight for you every day. Fight...
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