• Hero Mom Turns Her Daughter's ‘Useless' Degree Into A Cozy Blanket

    10 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    This is for everyone who ever said your diploma won't keep you warm at night
    Even as more and more women are ditching gender stereotypes and outdated “traditional” roles, there's still societal pressure on women to favor building a family over getting an education and having a career. No one knows that more than recent North Carolina University grad Kynnith Francis-Vaughan, whose haters told her her diploma wouldn't keep her warm at night.
    Joke's on them.
    My mom turned my Masters degree into a blanket.
    “yOuR dEgReE wOnt KeEp yOu wArM aT NiGhT tHoUgH.” NOW it will, you lil bitch...
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