• These Celebrities and Athletes Are Supporting 'Blackout Tuesday' on Instagram

    One year ago - By Mens health

    Here's why you keep seeing black squares all over social media.
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  • Participating In Blackout Tuesday? Don't Use Hashtags

    Participating In Blackout Tuesday? Don't Use Hashtags

    One year ago - By Scary Mommy

    Using hashtags in your Blackout Tuesday posts drown out valuable resources for the Black Lives Matter movement
    If you're participating in the Blackout Tuesday movement today on social media, particularly Instagram, please know that using certain hashtags can drown out another movement - the BlackLivesMatter movement .
    Blackout Tuesday is a day promoted by activists to observe, mourn, and bring attention and policy change to the U.S. in honor of George Floyd and the police-sanctioned murder that ended his life.
    The Blackout Tuesday social media protest was originally organized by two black...
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