• 4 Rules Parents Should Follow To Minimize Public Park Drama

    27 days ago - By Scary Mommy

    If you have ever taken a kid to the playground, you know playground politics is a thing. And I am not talking about the kids; I am talking about the parents. Because a trip to the park usually involves you and your kid interacting with other kids and their parents or caretakers, which can sometimes get a little problematic. Oh, the kids are usually fine... It's the parents that need to CTFD at playgrounds.
    Generally speaking, the playground is an ideal place for kids to get their energy out and give parents and caretakers a little reprieve. A park is usually a safe environment for children...
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  • Things Parents of Kids With ADHD Wish You Knew

    Things Parents of Kids With ADHD Wish You Knew

    28 days ago - By Web MD

    Millions of children have ADHD, but faulty ideas about the disorder are widespread. Here's what some parents of kids with ADHD want you to know.
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