• Comparing Vaccine Passports To The Holocaust Is Beyond Offensive

    1 month ago - By Scary Mommy

    On March 29, the Libertarian Party of Kentucky made a grave error. They had the gall to compare to using COVID-19 vaccination cards to Stars of David worn by Jews during the Holocaust :
    Are the vaccine passports going to be yellow, shaped like a star, and sewn on our clothes?
    - Libertarian Party of Kentucky March 29, 2021
    But they weren't the only ones to compare COVID-19 vaccination cards (which are meant to allow for bigger crowds, explains Newsweek , as the state opens up, at events like weddings), to the Holocaust, which killed six million people, mostly Jews. North Carolina freshman...
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  • Common COVID Vaccine Administration Errors to Watch For

    Common COVID Vaccine Administration Errors to Watch For

    1 month ago - By Medscape

    Build your knowledge and confidence in vaccinating against COVID-19 by knowing the most common error types.
    CDC Expert Commentary
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