• Facebook Gives Peek Inside Unit Studying Brain-to-text Technology

    One year ago - By Medscape

    Facebook Inc on Wednesday pulled aside the curtain on a secretive unit headed by a former chief of the Pentagon's research arm, disclosing that the social media company is studying ways for people to communicate by thought and touch.
    Reuters Health Information
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  • "Haunting": The Newest Way Exes Are Annoying On Social Media

    "Haunting": The Newest Way Exes Are Annoying On Social Media

    One year ago - By Mens health

    Photograph by Getty Images
    "Haunting" is the new "ghosting," apparently
    There is apparently no end in sight to the development of trends in dating and social media. "Ghosting" was hard enough to wrap our heads around as something that actually warranted a name. But "haunting"? No. This has gone too far. But since it's actually a thing, we figured it was worthwhile for you to actually know what it is.
    Apparently, "haunting" is when a past lover does something like watch your Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram story or likes a photo of you on Facebook . Wait, is that a thing? Actually, doesn't...
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