• Protective gene variant against COVID-19 identified

    4 monthes ago - By ScienceDaily

    Researchers have identified a specific gene variant that protects against severe COVID-19 infection. The researchers managed to pinpoint the variant by studying people of different ancestries, a feat they say highlights the importance of conducting clinical trials that include people of diverse descents.
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  • Pandemic Weighing on Docs' Happiness Outside of Work: Survey

    4 monthes ago - By Medscape

    Yet despite the struggles of caring for COVID-19 patients and managing their personal lives, many physicians make an effort to attend to their own well-being.
    Medscape Medical News
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  • Federal testing website launches next week, 4 tests per home

    4 monthes ago - By ABC News

    The White House says the federal website where Americans can request free COVID-19 tests will begin accepting orders on Wednesday
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  • GP tips on how to manage COVID-19 at home

    4 monthes ago - By Sydney Morning Herald

    COVID-19 is in the community and if you haven't already caught it, the likelihood is you or someone close to you will. Here is some practical advice to help you prepare.
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