• Vegan protein shakes may be viable alternatives to milk-based whey protein shakes

    29 days ago - By News Medical

    A study from the Centre for Nutraceuticals at the University of Westminster found that plant-based protein shakes may be potential viable alternatives to milk-based whey protein shakes, particularly in people with need of careful monitoring of glucose levels.
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  • Healthful Plant-Based Dietary Patterns, Genetic Risk of Obesity, and Cardiovascular Risk in the UK Biobank Study

    29 days ago - By Clinical Nutrition

    People with a higher genetic risk for obesity are more likely to develop cardiovascular disease , and healthy plant-based dietary patterns may be associated with decreased risks of obesity and cardiovascular events. We investigated whether adherence to healthy plant-foods-rich dietary patterns might attenuate risks of obesity and related cardiovascular abnormalities for people at genetically higher risk of obesity.
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