• Diet for Fatty Liver Disease

    12 days ago - By UPMC

    Let's hear it for the liver! This hard-working organ filters out toxins in the blood, helps digest food, and stores energy. But it can be difficult for the liver to do all this important work if fat begins to build up around it. The name for this condition is nonalcoholic fatty liver disease .
    You could have NAFLD without even knowing it because some people don't have any symptoms. Or you may be feeling tired or experiencing discomfort in the top right part of the abdomen.
    Many people learn they have NAFLD when they have blood tests for another reason and their doctor discovers liver...
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  • Scientists develop a blood test that can spot Alzheimer's disease early

    13 days ago - By News Medical

    Alzheimer's disease is an irreversible neurodegenerative disease, and there is still no way to treat it. Many cases of the condition are diagnosed when the disease has already progressed, making it difficult to manage. Now, researchers have developed a new test that can spot Alzheimer's disease early on.
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