• Mom Pulls 32 Fingernail Clippings From Her Son's Gums And We Can't Even

    10 monthes ago - By Scary Mommy

    Mom finds fingernails lodged in her son's gums due to his nail-biting habit
    When you become a parent, you find out fast just how gross kids can be. From diaper blowouts to endless spit-up, moms and dads quickly develop a high tolerance for the disgusting. That said, literally nothing will prepare you for this video of a mom pulling bitten-off fingernails from her son's gums.
    We only wish we were kidding.
    Louisiana mom Sara Guidry shared a video on Facebook of the discovery and removal of 32 fingernails her son Kale had chewed off and apparently, somehow lodged up in his gums. Despite the...
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