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I Accept My ‘Mean Mom' Status With Honor

Posted On: Sep 17, 2019   |   Posted By: Scary Mommy

I Accept My ‘Mean Mom' Status With Honor

“I lose it on my kids at least a few times a day,” my neighbor said to me once while our kids were playing in the street.
This was 16 years ago, and I'll never forget his words. Or what I was wearing. Or the direction the sun was shining. Not only did I feel so validated because I too would lose it on my kids just as much, the man venting to me was one of the most laid-back, patient people I'd ever met.
He was an elementary school teacher-the fun one all the kids hoped for. The one who never seemed to get irritated and always had his game face on. And here he was telling me he struggled being home with his two girls during the Summer while his wife worked.
I used to be a patient person before I had kids. One afternoon, I literally sat on my floor and made about 100 tiny clothespin dolls to give away as Christmas gifts. I cut out tiny clothes and sewed them together. I glued separate strands of hair on their head. I painted perfect faces on each ball of the clothes pin, then individually wrapped them in...

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