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I Was Diagnosed With Cancer 3 Months Before My Wedding

Posted On: Sep 17, 2019   |   Posted By: Scary Mommy

I Was Diagnosed With Cancer 3 Months Before My Wedding

The time between saying “yes” and saying ”I do” was shorter for us than most. Yet, by the time we spoke our vows to one another, nothing was as we expected it to be.
We met in August. He told me he loved me on September 22nd. We were engaged just after midnight on New Year's Day and immediately began planning our small, intimate wedding for the first anniversary of those three little words.
We were so in love. But love comes easy, especially early in a relationship. We both knew that. We didn't move so quickly simply because we were in love. We did so because we had no doubt that the other was exactly the partner we wanted in life.
We talked about everything. Big, little, hard, scary, unlikely. Hopes, dreams, plans. Everything.
And we had no doubt.
We all know it is easier to say a thing than it is to do it, though. And, quite suddenly, our words were put to the test.
Three months before our wedding day, I was diagnosed with cancer.
Cancer runs rampant in my family, it was one of the things we discussed. And...

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