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Our Kids Need More Time To Eat Lunch At School

Posted On: Sep 17, 2019   |   Posted By: Scary Mommy

Our Kids Need More Time To Eat Lunch At School

In order to have a conversation about my kids' day at school, I usually ask them who they sat next to at lunch or if their school cheeseburger was yummy. But sometimes I don't hear the first answer because all I can focus on is my child telling me they only got to take a couple of bites of their sandwich before throwing it away.
When I ask why, they tell me they didn't have time to eat before the bell rang for recess. The first time they mentioned this, I assumed they were busy talking or goofing around. I was quick to mention that it was a waste of food and money to just throw away most of a meal, but also that they needed to eat because it was important. But after several times of lamenting over a lack of lunch time, I found out that their lunch period was only 20 minutes. That includes waiting in line for hot lunch and finding their table before they have the chance to dig in.
This is ridiculous. Kids need more time to eat lunch at school.
Kids are naturally slower eaters-at least mine and all of the kids...

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