• Physicochemical stable standard all-in-one parenteral nutrition admixtures for infants and children in accordance with the ESPGHAN/ESPEN guidelines

    One year ago - By Nutrition JRNL

    • Standard all-in-one parenteral nutrition admixtures for paediatric patients from birth to adolescence were developed that meet the ESPGHAN/ESPEN guidelines.• Long-term physicochemical stability was tested in two-compartment EVAM bags for 80 days at 2°C-8°C + 24 hours at room temperature .• An additional physicochemical stability was obtained of 7 days 2°C-8°C + 48 hours RT after reconstitution to an AIO admixture including vitamins and trace elements.• Long-term stability allows batch-wise production and availability at all times for clinical use in hospital and home care setting.
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